Glitch at JPMorgan Chase Caused Double Online Transactions


What You Need to Know

  • Chase customer payments made through Zelle reportedly posted twice.

  • Some customers reported double debits had overdrawn accounts.

  • The bank said it has resolved the issue and reversed incorrect payments.

A now-resolved technical glitch caused some JPMorgan Chase online banking customers to experience double transactions in their accounts Friday, with some reporting their rent payments were debited twice and balances drained, according to social media posts and news reports.

The bank announced on Twitter the next day that it had resolved the matter.

“We resolved the issue last Friday and have reversed duplicates and adjusted related fees for our customers,” Chase said in a statement emailed today.

In the meantime, customers reported long customer service hold times and, for some, accounts that were overdrawn due to the glitch.

“We’re sorry that some customers are seeing duplicate transactions and fees on their checking account. We’re working to automatically reverse any duplicates and adjust any related fees,” Chase tweeted around 11:25 a.m. EDT Friday.

“How long is this going to take! I was told 2 hours this morning we are at 5 hours and nothing – my account is at negative,” a Twitter account called @Carlang59948271 replied mid-afternoon. The same account tweeted with an angry emoji Friday evening: “I just called @Chase again And now they are stating 24hrs to resolve anything!!!”

Another twitter user, @normaeramos, posted Friday evening that her landlord had texted about receiving a double rent payment. “Now account is overdrawn,” she tweeted.

Around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Chase’s support account tweeted: “We have resolved the issue and will automatically reverse duplicates and adjust related fees. You don’t have to do anything.”

The Associated Press noted in an article Saturday that the technical problem affected transactions on Zelle, the peer-to-peer payment platform co-owned by Chase and other banks. Chase said late Friday it had fixed the “underlying issue” and was issuing refunds and reversing incorrect transactions, the AP reported.

A Zelle spokesperson said that the transaction issues were “not due to any problems with the Zelle Network.”

A MarketWatch report Friday noted that Chase customers on social media were reporting  payments made through Zelle were being debited twice from their Chase accounts.

On Downdetector, a user, Bronx Train Master, posted Friday: “It is absolutely pathetic that a billion, perhaps trillion dollar organization like JP Morgan Chase can’t fix a computer glitch in over 12 hours. It’s professionally insulting to me. I’m fortunate that I have enough to cover it. Many don’t.”

In January, Bank of America customers reported that payments made through Zelle had caused funds to vanish from their bank accounts; Bank of America remedied the problem and said the funds weren’t missing but delayed, according to a Time article at the time, in which Zelle said its network was working properly.

In March, Wells Fargo addressed technical trouble that caused problems for online banking customers, including those who reported disappearing direct-deposit paychecks.