Protective Life Corp. Rebrands

Protective Life Corp. — a U.S. arm of Dai-ichi Life Holdings of Japan — has updated its logo.

The Birmingham, Alabama-based life insurer’s new logo features a stylized image of two figures hugging each other next to the Protective name.

Protective hired Lippincott to help it create the new logo.

The new logo replaces a logo that featured a blue arc. Protective Life executives said that when the old logo was unveiled, in early 2019, the blue arc could be seen as the dome of a church, or the arms of a loving stick figure.

Executives at Protective are continuing to work to use the imagery in the company’s logo to convey the idea that the company will stand by its customers and by other people.

Rich Bielen, Protective’s CEO, said in a comment about the new logo included in the update announcement that “at our core, there is a protector in each of us.”

“Our branding positions us as protectors,” Bielen said.

The company said it has continued to grow and meet commitments to customers despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges.

Protective is featuring the new logo in written materials, online, on Birmingham’s Protective Stadium, and on its offices in Birmingham, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

Protective is also featuring the logo in a new “Everyday Protectors” television ad that tells viewers, “Look and you’ll find protects all around us. Knowing that changes everything.”

Protective’s new logo on its headquarters building in Birmingham, Alabama.

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